I am a recent graduate in Classics (Ancient Greek and Latin), now taking the leap to expand my knowledge of more ‘modern’ classic texts and films, whether that be Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Brontë’s “Wuthering Heights“, or Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner“. Expect a range of reviews and the occasional ramblings on classical antiquity or life after university; I’m afraid I make no apology for length of entries.

I should say now, I make no claims to special insight or expertise; neither will I attempt to be objective or comprehensive. Many of the texts up for review come with a significant body of scholarly criticism, or rely on specific – but now obscure – references or readerly expectations in order to create meaning; my readings are likely to be quick, superficial and amateurish in comparison.

If you want to know about my plans and sources of inspiration, check out my first blog post. My proposed timetable for thrice-weekly updates is as follows (and I’ll try my hardest to follow it myself):

Tuesday – Novels

Friday – Films and Plays (alternating)

Sunday – Books of the Bible (KJV)

Although the exact format for reviews will change with each type of text, the basic format will be the same, split into sections of increasing detail: essential identifying information; main characters and themes, which might have minor spoilers only; synopsis and personal response, likely to have more notable spoilers, although I’ll try not to ruin the ending or the biggest surprises; and finally, my personal favourite passages and lines.

Comments are always welcome – I’d particularly like to hear your thoughts on your own favourite lines and scenes.

A note on the texts: In general, I won’t be citing the exact edition for novels, since I do not intend to make reference to page numbers; but the discerning reader might recognise the edition from the cover image which I use. For Shakespeare’s plays, I will be referencing the RSC collection of the “Complete Works”, based on the First Folio and edited by Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen (2007: Macmillan); I use the dates for individual plays provided in this edition. I use the King James Version of the Bible, specifically the Collins edition with ISBN 9780007259762.